Monday, February 22, 2010

Never too old?

CAUTION: May be boring, but I couldn't resist marking this ordinary event. She is my last and I have to treasure it while I can.

As far as dear A is concerned, she will never be too old to take baths in the sink. She barely fit in the sink and yes the other side was full of dirty dishes. We had bathed the guinea pig and the rabbit and A decided she had to have one too! I did my best to keep these photos clean. I just couldn't resist taking them... I have a decent size kitchen sink, but she is 2 and barely had room for even a little water in there. After being forced out, I sneakily removed the plug so it would drain, all she wanted the rest of the night was to get back in. It is moments like these, those ordinary wonderful moments, that I hope to remember.

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