Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Can't sleep.......

Here it is after 2am in the morning and I can not get to sleep, so I figure I haven't blogged in a long while.....lucky all of you! LOL

For some reason just as I was getting comfy, all I could think about was dying and wills and what would happen to my kids if hubby and I just up and died. well after an hour and a half, I couldn't take any more and had to get up. I read my email, checked a friend's blog to see if she had her baby yet (way behind on blog reading...she did and the baby is so cute!) and now you are caught up.

As I get older, death seems to be more of a real thing to me, yet we have never really talked about wills before. We don't have worldly possessions that would count for much, but when I really think about it, there are things I do want spelled out very clearly (concerning my children). I think it is time to see about getting some wills drawn up, for our children's protection.

As for things in our house...we are both still unemployed. Over seven weeks since that fateful day and hubby finally has a job interview this Wednesday. We have mixed feelings over it because we know he won't get offered wages even close to what he was making and their are so many in his field unemployed, that the competition is going to be fierce.

For me, I apply to places all the time and I'm even looking into possibly going back to school. It is frustrating though. What I really want most is to be home and enjoy my last baby while she is still a baby. I just have a hard time with all the guilt...guilt if I don't work and guilt if I do.

As for the kids, this week is Spring Break and we are trying to find fun and cheap things to do. They really wanted to go visit relatives or have their brother come here, but they have to suffer with good 'ol mom and dad this break. We are also dealing with major illness right now. There is this nasty cold/flu thing going around and a couple of us already have it and the others are starting to get it. My poor nose has never been so sore, I cry when I have to wipe my nose...I'm not exaggerating...it is really that bad.

I think I can try to sleep again...maybe another dose of meds will help too. Goodnight all, I hope.


jadell said...

ok, I know this sounds gross, but I am going to share anyway. Get some triple antibiotic ointment. not neosporin, but the kind that actually says triple anti... and put that on your sore nose. Seriously, put it on like after every time you wipe your nose. It really helps to heal your sore. Been there this week. It helps. :) Sirah

Mel said...

Good to read an update! I am still sending job vibes for you guys... many of them. :)