Friday, February 27, 2009

Over 3 weeks and counting...

It has been over 3 weeks since hubby was laid off. We are trying hard to make changes and get things in order so we can make it through another couple of months. So far not a single bite on a job for either of us, but we are pretty sure we can survive 2 more months...beyond that, who knows. We know in our hearts everything will be ok and it is comforting.

I'm certainly getting a glimpse of what retirement could be like...he has totally disrupted my schedule! I just hope I don't get used to a new schedule with him around, otherwise I will totally have to adjust yet again when job(s) come around.

So far we have given up our dog, cancelled our cell phones, prioritized our bills, divided up our tax return into categories of what to pay the next 2 months and hunted long and hard for affordable health insurance. The health ins hunt has been the most nerve-wracking. Cobra is beyond what we can even get from unemployment, and there are lots of scams out there saying they are health ins, when they really aren't. It has been so stressful to find something before our ins runs out, but we isn't nearly as good as what we used to have, but it is better than nothing.

My self confidence is really tired of the stress acne, it just doesn't help me to feel confident...not good when you are trying to find work. My schedule has been way off (dang hubby...and we are busier than ever!) and my weight has creeped right back up. I'm determined to get back to my accountability on SparkPeople as of today...and stay with it. I know it works when I do it. I also need to get back into keeping up with friends...all of you are my link to sanity. I admit I have somewhat been in a hole for a couple of weeks and it is time to come out and re-join the world.


Melzie said...

Stress sucks, doesn't it? No matter which way it comes at ya. Praying for job nibbles for you guys!

jadell said...

thanks again for the favor and more favors today! Oh, and thank your hubby too. He deserves it after wrestling with 7 children. :) Call me--you can come over just for lunch and a visit, and not just to do favors for me. :) Sirah

Mandy and Jas said...

Sorry you guys are going through a rough time! We will keep you in our prayers! I don't know if it will help but I know of an awesome coupon thing my sister in law does (which I'm also going to start doing) and she just got 188.00 worth of groceries and only paid 58.00. She saved 130.00!! My other sister in law also does it, and has actually not had to pay anything and they ended up owing her money. Give me a call if you want and I can explain it. My # is 949-3834.
If you need anything you can call us...We do live like a block away you know!

Hope things get better,
Mandy Thueson