Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Waaaaay behind on everything these days.

I got a part time job and now barely have time to keep up with anything. I haven't worked in a few years and forgot how exhausting it can be. Hubby is still unemployed, except when it snows ...then he shovels for a friend's company. I can not make myself pray for snow, I do not like enough,though.... hmmm, he does make more than me when he shovels. OK, I'm praying for tons of snow so I can quit my job and go back to just being a mom. ;) I do feel like I am missing a lot, though I'm not working a ton. I'm just far more exhausted when I am home and miss things even when I'm here. I hate that I can't get back on top of the day to day stuff so I can get more things organized around here. frustrating...

I am thankful for the work we do have and the little bit of money it brings in. I am also thankful that we have managed to keep up on our utilities, house and such so far. I am thankful my oldest son was able to visit us for the holiday break, it has been the best visit yet. Most of all, I am thankful that my husband finally passed all his tests and can get his license next year. That should help us in the employment area.

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